How 3D Breast MRI and CAD Could Benefit a Patient

oaklandmri-woman-breast-mriCAD can help radiologists detect cancer, as well as the size and location of the cancer, more accurately and quickly than before. And, this could alter a treatment plan for a cancer patient.

For example, before 3D breast MRI with CAD, a patient might have been scheduled for a lumpectomy, but there could be additional undetected cancer. Now that they can better see the entire breast, many of the patients who would have gone through just a lumpectomy, and possibly leaving unseen cancer behind to foster, will now opt for a mastectomy. By opting for a more aggressive treatment or surgery, the possibility increases that all the cancer can be removed. That could also affect the post-surgery treatment, such as radiation and chemotherapy.

Another reason is that a 3D breast MRI with CAD has shown to be more accurate in imaging, and reducing the number of false-positive results. Therefore, a patient would not have to go through another unnecessary test involving radiation.

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