How is CAD Used with 3D Breast MRI?

CAD does not change the way the patient goes through a mammogram. The patient will not notice a difference in the test, but will benefit in the results.

The radiologist can review a mammogram first, without CAD analysis. This allows them to make a preliminary interpretation. During that evaluation, the radiologists notes which, if any, areas are suspicious. After that review, if there are areas of concern, then CAD software is applied to the mammogram, and will highlight areas that need further examination. [Read more…]

How 3D Breast MRI and CAD Could Benefit a Patient

oaklandmri-woman-breast-mriCAD can help radiologists detect cancer, as well as the size and location of the cancer, more accurately and quickly than before. And, this could alter a treatment plan for a cancer patient.

For example, before 3D breast MRI with CAD, a patient might have been scheduled for a lumpectomy, but there could be additional undetected cancer. Now that they can better see the entire breast, many of the patients who would have gone through just a lumpectomy, and possibly leaving unseen cancer behind to foster, will now opt for a mastectomy. By opting for a more aggressive treatment or surgery, the possibility increases that all the cancer can be removed. That could also affect the post-surgery treatment, such as radiation and chemotherapy.

Another reason is that a 3D breast MRI with CAD has shown to be more accurate in imaging, and reducing the number of false-positive results. Therefore, a patient would not have to go through another unnecessary test involving radiation.

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3D Breast MRI with CAD

3d-breast-mriModern technology has been changing lives for a very long time, as technology evolves the way patients are treated and diagnosed. It’s hard to keep up with the latest diagnostic tests and machines, but it’s a good problem to have in medicine.

When it comes to detecting breast cancer, patients might have been hearing about 3D Breast MRI with CAD, if they are scheduling a mammogram. The 3D Breast MRI is where they are able to take multiple images of the breast in one test. Several “slices” of images of the tissue can be reconstructed to give the physician a clear view of the entire breast. Add in CAD (computer-aided detection), radiologists can now find very small breast cancers. This provides more opportunity for early detection. And, that’s important. Breast cancer is second only to non-melanoma skin cancer, in cancers found in women. In fact, at least 1 out of 4 of cancers in women is breast cancer.

The CAD software utilizes sophisticated and complex systems, centered on several thousand cases of breast cancer. This will help identify areas that are suspect during a mammogram, which would warrant a closer examination and further evaluation.

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