Indicators for a 3D Breast MRI with CAD

Each state is different, but there is a general list of diagnoses that will most likely generate a recommendation for a 3D breast MRI. The doctor might recommend a 3D breast MRI with CAD, if you have been diagnosed with the following:

  • Malignant Neoplasm of the female breast
  • Carcinoma confined in the breast
  • Benign neoplasm of the breast
  • Mammary duct ectasia
  • Fibrocystic breast disease
  • Enlargement of the breast
  • Decrease in size of the breast
  • Inflammatory breast disease
  • Mammographic microcalcifications
  • A cyst in the breast
  • Abnormal mammogram

With modern technology, the chances of detecting breast cancer early increases over time. And, when there is early detection, the prognosis improves as well.

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MRI plus Mammogram found the best for high risk women

oaklandmri-woman-breast-mriFor the best chance at spotting breast cancer early, women at high risk need frequent MRI screenings along with mammograms, a large Canadian study contends.

Mammograms alone failed to detect the early cancers in a study of more than 2,000 high-risk women, according to the findings.

“What my study is showing is that high-risk women should be screened earlier, beginning at the age of 30,” said study researcher Anna Chiarelli, a senior scientist at Cancer Care Ontario. “They should be screened often — every year — and they should be screened with both a breast MRI and a mammogram every year.”

Chiarelli and her colleagues followed 2,207 women, aged 30 to 69, all at high risk of breast cancer, to determine the effect of the two screenings. The women were enrolled in the Ontario Breast Screening Program, which expanded in July 2011 to screen high-risk women in a special program that uses both tests — MRI and digital mammography.

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