Full Body MRI in less than 10 minutes

Whole-Body MRIThis screening protocol fully utilizes the new Tim technology in order to effectively cover the whole body in less than 10 minutes. Key features include the use of the high-SNR array coils, the Matrix coils, and multiple receiver channels that allow iPAT accelerated sequences. The coils themselves are physically compatible so they may all be placed on the patient and plugged in to the table simultaneously at the beginning of the exam, eliminating the need for coil or patient repositioning. Automatic table motion combined with the physical compatibility allows for rapid transition between anatomical regions.

The sequences used have been demonstrated to be highly effective at detecting systemic metastases as well as a wide variety of other disease processes. In addition, the 3D VIBE can be reformatted in other orientations, particularly when the resolution is near-isotropic. This allows one breath-hold sequence to replace up to three without any loss of information. The short duration of this screening exam makes it a reasonable replacement for similar whole-body screening exams performed under CT. In addition this approach offers both improved safety (radiation and contrast agents) and diagnostic image quality in all regions except possibly in the lungs.

Whole Body MRi Faster With TIM by presswd