Who Needs a 3D Mammogram and Benefits of 3D Breast MRI’s

Women in general can be considered for a 3D mammogram if they are being screened for breast cancer. However, women with dense tissue in their breast should not consider anything else, but 3D imaging. The ability to view the entire breast is far more difficult with dense tissue. Therefore, suspicious tissue or masses could easily be missed, reducing the opportunity of early detection.

The recommended age for women to start getting annual mammograms has changed over the years. But, many medical professionals believe that it should start at 40 to get a good baseline, making it easier to detect abnormalities and breast cancer.

The size of the mass or cancer can also be detected with 3D, which also helps with deciding on treatments. So, women with a family history of breast cancer might also consider opting for 3D over 2D mammography.

The problem is, some insurance companies are not as current in their coverage, as technology is in its ability to test. Your doctor will advise you on which test to proceed with, but always check with your insurance company to see if it’s covered.