How do I get an appointment?

Simply mail or fax a requisition form signed by a referring physician. Call the office to schedule an appointment. We will schedule your appointment for the earliest possible date at a time convenient for you.

Can I eat before the exam?

Usually there are no dietary restrictions before a MRI exam. However, if your physician has requested the use of a contrast agent for your MRI then it would be best not to eat two hours prior to your exam to minimize the already unlikely event of nausea.

What is a contrast agent, and will I need it?

Certain types of scans require the use of an injected contrast media. This contrast media, which is given intravenously before the exam, highlights certain body parts. If your physician orders this type of scan, our client services coordinator will explain the contrast agent to you and answer your questions. If contrast media is prescribed, please tell your physician:

  • If you are pregnant, think you might be; or are breast feeding
  • If you have anemia or any diseases that affect red blood cells
  • If you have asthma or other allergic respiratory disorders
  • If you have ever had an adverse reaction to contrast media.

What will happen when I get scanned?

Patients are often pleasantly surprised to discover that the MRI examination is one of the easiest and most comfortable medical exams they have experienced. Before the scan our trained MRI technologist will simply ask you lie down on a cushioned table, which will move into the magnet. After you have been comfortably positioned for the scans, all you have to do is relax and lie as still as you can. While the MRI test is being conducted, your MRI technologist will carefully monitor the operation of the exam from an adjacent room. You will be able to speak to the technician through the intercom system at all times during the exam. You will hear a knocking sound from the MRI system that ranges from barely audible to quite noticeable; this is normal.

Do I have to lie still when I have an MRI?

Yes. In order to achieve the best imaging results it is important to minimize movement. You should remain relaxed and as still as possible. Because a scanning session will often include a series of individual scans, you will probably be given the opportunity to find a more comfortable position between scans. If you find that you are uncomfortable in any way, the attending MRI technologist will help you find a position in which you can rest comfortably.

I’m very claustrophobic. What should I do?

Because our MRI has a larger bore than older equipment, allowing patients to see the examination room around them – the chances of you becoming claustrophobic while being scanned are minimal. If you have claustrophobic tendencies and you are concerned that this may otherwise prevent you from remaining still, please ask your physician to prescribe a sedative for you to take just prior to your exam.

When will my physician get the results of my exam?

Your MRI scan will be reviewed by an ACR certified radiologist specially trained in MRI technology. The radiologist will then send the report to your physician, who will discuss the findings with you. In most cases the results will be available by noon on the next business day after your exam.

How much does it cost?

For most MRI scans, the cost depends somewhat on the complexity and your Insurance coverage. While we will gladly accept most insurances, it is your responsibility to verify your coverage and copays with your insurance company. We will be glad to provide you with an accurate breakdown after we receive your referral and coverage information from your insurance company.